Business Web Hosting Cork

Business Web Hosting Cork is a great option for businesses that have lots of information but don’t want to obtain a lot of servers or space that holding that information entails.

In today’s world, Business Web Hosting Cork are essential for small businesses. You’re relying on technology on a daily basis, and using that to remain competitive. One aspect of that is keeping costs down, and having off-site or outsourced hosting for your files makes sense.

At Hiberg, we're providing very advanced forms of technology from the perspective that hosting solutions for our clients are really the way to go. Our server infrastructure combines mirrored server instances and load balancing systems to deliver the most efficient hosting solutions in Europe.

Our servers are operational on SSD drives and there are 247 monitoring services and security patches. Here are some of the things we’ve implemented:

Redis cache to increase the efficiency and system speed;

Optimised nginx solutions to deliver extreme server performances;

Incremental backups with snapshots done on weekly basis;

24-hour security and compliance features for safety;

Cost savings for your IT outsourcing needs.

We’re an Amazon Cloud and Hosting Partner. We’re ready to take your business to the next level with amazing cloud and Business Web Hosting Cork services. Call or contact us today to get started.